Tornado in Vermont

It was strange yesterday working outside on my landscaping, listening to the radio and continually hearing news that Vermont was under a tornado watch for the better part of the day.

Ragged, wind torn clouds over Richmond, Vt. Saturday. A tornado watch was in effect, but these clouds were not part of any severe storms.

This isn’t exactly Oklahoma, but still, if things come together just right, we can have tornado weather in the Green Mountains.

The tornado watch benefitted one of my landscaping clients. They have me doing a large project that I’ve been picking at. I was only going to be there for two or three hours yesterday.

But their property, high up on a hill southeast of Burlington, offered expansive views to the west, south and north. That way, I could see any heavy weather coming. I worked all day.

The sky during the early and mid afternoon was volatile, with ragged, dark, wind torn clouds mixed with patches of blue sky and sun. You could see thunderstorms erupt abruptlly in the distance, then race off to the east.

One storm in particular way off to the north blew up from nothing to a monster in no time at all. That must be the one that eventually unleashed a tornado in Craftsbury, Vermont, according to the National Weather Service in South Burlington.

A thunderstorm develops rapidly Saturday afternoon over central Vermont

The twister took part of the roof off of a house and knocked down a whole bunch of trees. Luckily, the tornado, packing winds of up to 100 mph, completely missed the very pleasant Craftsfbury village.

All the storms went around me, which in my sick mind was good and bad. Good, because I managed to get a lot of work done without interference from the weather. But bad, because I missed out on a chance to see a violent thunderstorm, and I love big storms.

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