Rainy Day Laziness in Vermont

This morning I heard Darlusz Zabagaiski, that big fake Polish frog that invaded my house for an extended  (permanent?) stay a couple of weeks ago, whining out on the back deck.Darlusz the frog endures Sunday's rain on my back deck.

“Yetaday I was tlapped out here in da lightning and da tornado warny, and you do not help. Taday it rainy and code, and I out here. Why you so mean.?”

“You’re a frog. Don’t you like the wet,?”  I replied.

“I am indoor frog. Why you want me oud here,?”

Darlusz did look miserable out there under that umbrella. Really a nasty day. It’s only in the 50s, the wind is blowing, the rain was coming down in sheets.

“I you boss,” he said. I gave him a sharp look with that. “Lookee, we bote work too hard. It rain. No need to do dat work. We relax.”

Well, he had a point there. I don’t like being lazy, but sometimes I like to play hooky. This would be my first quiet, lazy day since late February.

“See, we god da noozpaper, da hot chocolate, nize towel, we relax,” Darlusz said, too soothingly.

Dalusz the frog with a warm towel, the paper and some hot chocolate to ward off a rainy, chilly Sunday

And that’s how I came to read at least part of the Sunday paper on the Sunday it was issued, for the first time in weeks.

As for those landscaping clients who hoped I’d show up today, my boss Darlusz said no. I’ll be there tomorrow.

One Response to “Rainy Day Laziness in Vermont”

  1. gary rith Says:

    toweling off a frog……WOW

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