Confessions of a Homicidal Movie “Smoggie”

I’m a bleeding, one-eyed, homicidal green maniac.

Logo for Deadfi Productions' latest short horror movie, "The Smog" I play one of the film's "Smoggies"

See for yourself in today’s debut on YouTube of the short horror movie, “The Smog”

It’s the second small role I’ve had in horror movies by Burlington, Vermont-based DeadFi Productions.

Before you watch, be advised it’s a bad idea to view “The Smog” while eating. It’s a horror movie, people. Gross things happen. 

In the film, I’m the first “Smoggie”” to burst into the guy’s apartment to try and kill him. Instead, our hero smashes me repeated over the head with a Louiseville Slugger. Honestly, it didn’t hurt. I have a thick skull, as people who know me fully realize. Besides, the bat was fake, made of some sort of foam rubber.

I tend to come to bad ends in these movies. In the last Deadfi movie I was in, “Midnight Roadkill,” I was deliberately run over by a car. Here, I’m bludgeoned by a bat-wielding, beer drinking loser in an apartment.

This was a blast to make. In the film, you see me foaming at the mouth like a rabid coyote and bleeding profusely after I suffer all the baseball bat blows to the head. You can just see when I try to get up, my eyeball is hanging by a thread from  my head. Yeah, I’m just another gorgeous sex symbol. 

For those who take things literally, don’t worry. It was a fake eyeball. Both my real eyes remain intact and functional.

“The Smog” was filmed in February, mostly in a Burlington apartment. I’m sure the neighbors enjoyed my pounding on my door until I broke it (absolutely true) My gutteral yelling must have sounded like a night of supremely awful sex. DeadFi chief and movie director Owen Mulligan had a fog machine cranking, to help make the green toxic smog that permeates the film.

I’m frankly jealous of my co-star, Daye Matthew, who experienced the joy of having a beer bottle smashed over his head. (Fake beer bottle, so no cuts)

However, nobody came out of the filming unscathed. My left elbow still hurts a bit from all that pounding on the door.

I also managed to injure Daye. After filming, he had a stubborn bit of stage makeup on his forehead he had trouble removing. I scrubbed it off, alright. I also scrubbed off most of his skin, leaving him with a big angry red mark that looked like a third eye on his face.

That could have come in handy for the next horror movie, but alas, Daye’s battered forehead has healed. Maybe I should offer to scrub it again. There is a bit of lingering makeup there, no?

Owen sounds like he might be willing to work with me again on another horror movie. It’s not like I’m making millions of dollars from this. I don’t exactly garner the same movie compensation as say, George Clooney. Then again, I don’t look like George Clooney, either. This is just fun to do.

Now I can tell people I’m a movie star, and not exactly lie.

I hope I can be some sort of movie monster again. But this time, I want to kill somebody, not be killed.

2 Responses to “Confessions of a Homicidal Movie “Smoggie””

  1. Owen Mulligan Says:

    Great post Matt!

  2. Jay Vos Says:

    You make a terrific Smoggie!

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