Landscaping: ..Of All Trades

I think the picture of my truck bed helps explain why I call myself “Matt of All Trades”

My truck is loaded for work and ready to go

Photo was taken Saturday (I always have a camera with me, too.)

You can see a lawn mower and a gas can, for the two lawns I mowed that day There’s a hose, since somebody who is out of town for a week or two asked me to water their garden. The rakes, shovels etc are for fixing gardens, the tarp is for dragging debris away.

The two buckets have day lillies in them. A client has spent more than 30 years thinning her lily beds and threw the excess in a field. They have completely taken over the field. She is letting me dig some out of the field and bring them home to cover a steep, hard to mow embankment on my property with lillies.

The inside of the truck had changes of clothes, a cooler with food, more tools, a notebook, cell phone and money.

People who look at my truck probably think I’m a hoarder, like that A&E show about the hoarders. But I assure you, I generally purge myself of anything I don’t need.

I come well prepared, though.  Because it seems I do just about everything.  I hate doing the same thing over and over, so as you can see, I inject plenty of variety. Which is why I’m Matt of All Trades.

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