Weather: The Perfect Tornado

Tornadoes – at least the ones that don’t kill anybody – are my favorite weather phenomenon. Each one is so different and they do such strange things. Many of them are beautiful, even if they are scary and violent.

I found this video of a tornado near Campo, Colorado that occurred within the past couple of days. I call it the perfect tornado because it is beautiful, and the sky around it is breathtaking.  Oddly, the twister  looks strangely peaceful.

The tornado was on the ground for about 20 minutes. It was in open country, and did not damage any buildings or hurt anyone.

I’ve been thinking about tornadoes because one tried to form over Proctor and Florence, Vermont during those severe thunderstorms last week. The twister seemed to get going up inside the thunderstorm, but fortunately never touched down.

They called the bad storms “The Route 7 Runner” because the severe thunderstorm raced southward down Route 7 in western Vermont all the way from the Canadian border to the Massachusetts border, spreading damage all along the way.

One Response to “Weather: The Perfect Tornado”

  1. denis Says:

    that was a beautiful twister.

    tornadoes in vermont. how bizarre.

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