Weather: Smoke Clears, Final Thoughts

Now that the thick cloud of smoke from Quebec forest fires has been flushed out of Vermont by south winds and rain, I have a few final sooty thoughts on the incident.

The "view" of the Adirondacks from Charlotte, Vt. Monday as smoke rolled into Vermont from Quebec forest fires

—I love Canada, but I’m not impressed by what they export to Vermont. Cheap beer, hockey, cold snaps, Celine Dion and now smoke. Do they not like us?

—I bet the most requested song on Vermont radio stations yesterday was “Smoke From a Distant Fire” by the Sanford Townsend Band.

—I also bet the organizers of Sunday’s Vermont City Marathon in Burlington were really, really glad the smoke held off until Monday, since the health department said people shouldn’t exert themselves too much in the smoke, like for instance, run a marathon.

—If I’d hung slices of deli meat on my clothes line early yesterday morning, would I have come home to a nice meal of smoked meat in the evening?

—People say raspy voices are sexy. Should I hope for more smoke attacks from Quebec so I can breathe deep and end up sounding like Rod Stewart? Or Bonnie Tyler? On second thought, skip the raspy voice.

One Response to “Weather: Smoke Clears, Final Thoughts”

  1. denis Says:

    hockey!!!!!!! celine dion!!!!!!!!!

    do you realize you are being sacrilegious?????? i’d watch your back if i were you the next time you dare go to canada. hey, i’m just saying…

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