Weather: Vermont Smoke Attack

I woke up this morning in St. Albans Vt. thinking the house might be on fire. I smelled smoke.

The view from St. Albans Hill on a clear day

The house is fine. Forests in Quebec are not. It’s really smoky outside because of some big forest fires in Quebec. There’s a north wind, and the breeze is blowing that smoke down here into Vermont.

I went outside early this morning and the moon was a strange orange. I wanted to cough right away and my eyes teared up some. Not a lot, but it was vaguely uncomfortable.

As dawn breaks, visibility is poor. Usually I can easily see  Lake Champlain from my house. Not this morning. I can barely see into the city of St. Albans, two miles away.

Same view, in this morning's smoke from Quebec forest fires

The first pic in this post shows the view from St. Albans hill, overlooking the city of St. Albans and Lake Champlain on a clear day. Second pic is this morning in the smoke.

I will be exerting myself outside a lot today, and the smoke is not good for my lungs. They tell even healthy people like me to take it easy because of the smoke particulates in the air. But I gotta work.

Up in Montreal, news reports say a lot of people have called emergency numbers, reporting smoke, but city officials are telling people not to worry. Normal activity, even in this smoke, won’t hurt much, we’re told.

NECN is reporting smoke is covering much of the northeastern half of New England.

Luckily, the wind is expected to shift to the south during the day today, and that will push the smoke away.

2 Responses to “Weather: Vermont Smoke Attack”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Oh, that’s what I smelled this morning! (I’m in Winooski for the long weekend). Went outside to walk the dog at 6 a.m. and could also see this lingering haze in the sky! Thanks for letting us know what is happening!

  2. denis Says:

    it’s amazing how fires so far away can have such an effect all the way down here.

    your photos clearly show the difference incredibly well.

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