Media: Oil Spill Nostalgia

That “Top Kill” move, shoving mud down the gushing oil well pipe in the Gulf of Mexico didn’t work.

Didn’t think it would. Ever try to plug a burst pipe with rocks or dirt or something?

Yeah, doesn’t work.

So the oil will keep gushing, and the Gulf of Mexico will get worse and worse for God knows how long.

Turns out we’ve been down this path in the Gulf of Mexico before. For a trip down memory lane, we go back to  1979, when an oil well down there sprung a leak.

Kudos to Amber Lemay for pointing out this Rachel Maddow segment, where she finds the 1979 episode is just like now, except in 2010 the oil well is in deeper water, making the job oh so much more difficult.

I wonder why  almost nobody noticed or reported on the eerie similarities between 1979 and 2010.

I guess we never learn. Or, my cynical side says oil companies figure there is money to be made to learn how to drill for oil in new and harder to get at places, but there’s no money to be made in learning how to stop oil leaks, or better yet, prevent them.

So they went for the money.

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