Landscaping: Minor Tree Surgery

In another life, I could have been a plastic surgeon.

On  a landscaping job yesterday, I landcaped at a house where workers had to dig a trench last year near an interesting everygreen tree. Due to root damage, a few branches died, and the ground beneath and around it was a rocky mess.

Enter me, the plastic surgeon, to get rid of the mess. There were lots of dead small branches mixed evenly among ones that were still alive. So I gingerly cut those, taking care to save the ones that were alive, or almost alive.

I wanted to save as much as I could because there’s nothing worse than a naked tree, right?

There were a few dead spots still visible on the tree after I was done. The dead parts are attached to live parts of the branches. I’m hoping the live parts grow, and the dead parts just shed. I’ll have to check back later and see.

Mulch would have looked lousy with all those rocks. Not to mention the holes, cracks and ridges left behind by the excavation, so it was a simple matter of getting rid of the rocks, evening up the ground and laying down some dark mulch.

Piece of cake, really, but it’s fun to tidy up a rough-hewn area. Pictures are before and after.

All of yesterday for me was really clean up work.  I did much more mulching and cleaning at this house with the tree.

Later, I, mucked out a little pool beneath a woman’s fountain in Richmond.  It was full of leaves, dirt, and a drowned mouse. Stupid little thing probably got depressed by the cold weather in the winter and commited suicide.

But it was a relief to both the woman and me not to have a swamp for a fountain by the front door.

I mowed her lawn, too. I’ve never seen a lawn that grows as thickly and fast as hers. It’s the only one of several lawns I do that I have to rake after the mowing.

In the evening, I started clearing out a debris-clogged drainage ditch elsewhere in Richmond

The nice thing: Some of the work was relatively strenuous. I loved the exercise.

I’m rarin’ to do more today.

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