Southern Silliness Skids To Vermont

Daddy was a preacher, but momma was a go-go girl.

Ok, I’m not talking about my family, but it was fun to think about the concept Tuesday night as I watched the band Southern Culture on the Skids play the song at their show  in South Burlington, Vt.

Their schtick is twisted fun. They sing about the down market aspects of all that we love about the south, or rural Vermont for that matter.  Double Wides.  ’69 El Caminos. Something about “Swamp fox in a halter top, walking down the street shakin’ what she’s got.”

Can’t you picture the swamp fox turning heads as she walks through downtown Barton?

The band calls their music “toe sucking geek rock,” and call themselves “bards of downward mobility.” So when they played, I felt right at home.

I’ve always been attracted to sort of down market rural charms. I’ve never been able to fully embrace it myself, but it’s fun to watch, and sometimes participate in. Back yard bathtub Virgin Marys. Beer bashes at the quarry featuring Old Milwaukee Lite, stale Doritos and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ratty wife beater t-shirts and shabby baseball caps advertising farm supplies.

In fact, I wore a ratty wife beater to the Southern Culture show. I figured I had to make an impression.

On stage, I particularly liked band member Mary Huff, who had a huge elaborate semi-bouffant hairdo. Between every song, she’d pull out her compact mirror and brush her hair, apply another layer of lipstick or spritz herself with perfume. Kind of like what you’d see a tacky gal with aspirations of greatness  do at some low rent roadhouse somewhere.

And of course they played one song that could fit that type of woman perfectly. It goes, “She’s liquored up and lacquered down. She’s got the biggest hair in town.”

So you can take your Saks Fifth Avenue, your Versace, your Louis Vuitton and stuff it. Give me Wal-Mart, 7-11, Family Dollar and Big Lots.

Because I can wear my greasy John Deere baseball cap to Wal-Mart and look dressed to the nines. But just try getting into Versace store on New York’s Fifth Avenue with that get-up.

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