Flowers, Camera and Sun

A close friend showed up on a fitfully, blustery and cloudy day in early May with some roses to brighten my house.

Two evenings later, a brilliant spring evening sun poured through the windows and lit up the roses beautifully.

Armed with my great new Canon EOS Rebel T1i camera. (Another wonderful gift!) I took a couple shots of the roses you see here.

I had been working with a point and shoot, which works great, but this new camera just rocks. The images, even in my amateur hands, come out much more nicely than the point and shoot.

I’m still just learning how to use the camera and to play with all its features. Since it’s a busy time of year for me, the day to really experiement with the camera is a rainy one. On a day like that,  I can play with the camera  gears and gadgets, trial and error, without the distraction of needing to go outside and get landscaping work done.

But for now, I’ll pick up the camera every chance I get, and see what I learn. It’s a lot of fun.

2 Responses to “Flowers, Camera and Sun”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Matt….beautiful pics. I have always been taught that an artist can find uncanny beauty where others see static objects. If that’s the case, it seems that you and your new toy are destined for some pretty spectacular moment of discovery…and the journey is just beginning.

  2. denis Says:

    i’m looking forward to seeing more of your “improved” photos.

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