Vermont’s Spartans Race

I’m in update mode today, so I’ll refer to yet another blog post I did in March: The Spartan Race in Williston.

It was held yesterday in Williston, on a perfect spring day. Of course, conditions were intentionally imperfect, with lots of mud, barbed wire and some fire to contend with.

Today’s Burlington Free Press had a nice piece on the race. Be sure to click on the photos and especially the video by Emily McManamy. The music in the video is perfect, too.

The photo, by Ben Sarle of the Burlington Free Press, shows a competitor tangling with a Spartan, one of the many obstacles races encountered during the event.

About 500 pe0ple participated, which sounds good. I still am considering whether to do it next year. Heck, I like to play in the mud.

Or maybe I’ll create my own extreme race, based on my landscaping and handyman business.

Who can mulch a garden the fastest?  Maybe add in some power garden planting. Who can rake up the biggest pile of autumn leaves in 30 minutes? Who can eat the most edible weeds pulled from a  yard? How many black fly bites can one person endure?

Spartans, if you need ideas for your next race, as you can see, I got ’em.

2 Responses to “Vermont’s Spartans Race”

  1. Selica Sevigny Says:

    I am one of the creators of Spartan Race. Thank you for your blogs and support, the event was a great success. If you are still unsure of entering, I would love to give you a discounted entry to encourage you! Let us know and I would be more than pleased to help you. Continue the great blogging and if you have any questions about future races, we will be posting all 2011 official dates early November. You are the first to receive this tip!
    Selica Sevigny

  2. Am I Spartan Material? « Matt-of-all-trades Blog Says:

    […] The race was held back in May in Williston, and quite a few people showed up. I was reminded today by one of the race organizers that I said I might participate in next year’s race. She was wondering if I will. […]

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