Another Animal Tearjerker

I’m a sucker for animal stories, as readers here I’m sure know.

I’m continually amazed at what we don’t know about them, and the fact they appear far smarter and more complex than most of us realize. And ties between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom are probably closer than we realize.

In March, I posted a video of a reunion between a lion and a couple of guys who helped raise it.

Now, there’s another one. This time, it’s about a guy who returned a gorilla to the wild. Five years later, the guy went out to find the gorilla, to see if he remembered him.

Here’s what happened:

2 Responses to “Another Animal Tearjerker”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Matt…you are so right re: your comment on the connection between animals and man. We are closer that most want to realize. We might be at the top of the evolutionary chain when it comes to reasoning, but when it comes to the heart and the protective nature, we are on the same plain. We all know an animal will sacrifice all to protect a mate or the young…..we call them heroes but in the animal kingdom it’s called innate behavior. We humans have so much to learn about nature and the gift of giving of one’s self. An animal remembers forever, why do we forget so easily.
    As you know, I lost my buddy a few weeks ago. Memories of his unconditional love and his protective behavior are with me forever. I’m a better person because of the members of the animal kingdom who were in my life. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to share their life with those “special friends”.

  2. kimslack Says:

    I like the little gorilla’s face. He looks so innocent. I wish I had those eyes.

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