Media: Spilling Stupidity

I’m not sure which is gushing more, the oil into the Gulf of Mexico or the stupid comments from people involved, or who involve themselves.

I noticed Tony Hayward, the Chief Executive of British Petroleum, the entity whose well this is, said the oil spill is tiny if you take into consideration how big the ocean is.

Well,  then. So it’s not a big deal to befoul a big swath of the Gulf Coast because, hey, no oil is coming ashore in Nova Scotia, or Madagascar or some place.

So if a drunk driver smacks into a minivan and kills a family in Vermont, it’s not a big deal because our drunk driver never threatened the bus load of kids in California, right?

Then we have our ever-helpful Rush Limbaugh, who says the oil spill is not that big a deal because oil is natural, so the ocean can naturally deal with the oil.

Limbaugh does allow that it’s OK to try to keep the oil off those nice beaches in Mississippi and elsewhere.

It took Bill Maher to point out to Our Buddy Rush that mercury is perfectly natural, too, but you don’t pour it on your Cheerios every morning.

And what’s with this Congressional hearing the other day when the executives of the three major companies involved in that spewing oil platform blamed each other.

They’re like a house full of bratty kids.

Mom! Billy’s hitting me!

No, he hit me!

I’m telling!


One of the companies involved here is Halliburton. Why is it that every time a big, messy, complicated problem surfaces, Halliburton turns out to be in the middle of it?

What is Halliburton’s corporate mission statement? Cause as much chaos as possible? Well, Dick Cheney used to run the company, so I guess that explains a lot.

I don’t know the answers to this whole mess. I’ve got to go have an all natural wholesome dinner. I got some radioactive tritium from the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant, and I’m using it as a marinade on my chicken.

And I skimmed some oil from the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ll use that in the frying pan for the chicken instead of olive oil.


One Response to “Media: Spilling Stupidity”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Interesting, so Cheney used to run Halliburton……..interesting…..interesting……very interesting

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