Landscaping: Frantic

I’m really rushing around these days.

Maybe the economy has picked up a bit, but I realize I have a LOT of work to do for clients, fixing up their property.

My niche, as I’ve told you, is to help people who are basically do-it-yourself landscapers, but need a guy with a strong back, a willingness to get dirty and who will actually show up to work. So I fit the bill.

This year, people have been adding on projects to their usual spring chores. So I’m lined up to clear drainage ditches of debris so a nearby steep drive way won’t wash out. I need to clean up a property that has hasn’t been raked or spruced up in a couple years because the homeowner isn’t as capable of gardening as she used to be. And another property has these scrubby trees and broken down shrubs that have to go.

This is on top of my usual weekly punch list of mowing, cleaning etc.

It’s all fun. Yesterday, a warmish day, I was working on a property that had several lilac bushes. The breeze blew that scent around. It didn’t hurt that I had to trim and repair most of those bushes, leaving the blooming lilacs intact, of course.

The photos show one little section of the property I cleared out. They are before and after shots. Hmm. Now that all those accumulated dead leave are gone, that lawn could use a little grass seed.

This morning, bright and early, off I run. Always trying to keep up. At least I’m getting the exercise I want to get.

But maybe I will hold off on taking on any new clients for a few weeks.

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