OK, He’s Fit

I’m always frustrated with myself for not exercising enough or eating well enough to be truly fit.

I’m in pretty good shape for a guy my age, but I want to do better.

Then I watch a video like the one in this post of a guy named Damien Walters. He does all these amazing athletic tricks, flips and feats. It’s incredible to watch.

When I look at the video, I don’t know whether to despair that I’ll never be that fit, or look at him as inspiration to do the best I can do.

I’ll choose the inspirational route and try to be in the best shape a 47-year-old Vermont hick can reach.

Time to start working out.

One Response to “OK, He’s Fit”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Matt………wow, when you start moving through the streets of Burlington like that or getting dressed in that manner we will all know you are the Superguy we always knew was there……..that guy is amazing, but not normal

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