Mowing Snow

This time of year, I can’t let things slide in my landscaping business. Even if I’m sliding around in the snow.

So I mowed snow yesterday.

As I complained about yesterday, Vermont had a Mother’s Day snowfall. Many places got anywhere from a dusting to a few inches.

I have a client who lives at an elevation of 1,200 feet or so, high above the town of Richmond, Vt. Their lawn really needed mowing. I was scheduled to be there yesterday. As you can see, the woods by their house had plenty of snow in it.

When I got there in the afternoon,  it was still snowing steadily. About half the lawn was covered with a slushy inch of snow, but the snow had melted off the other half.

My logic was: It’s May. The rest of the snow will melt soon. I’ll just mow where there’s no snow, and by the time I’m done with that the rest will have melted. And the snow will stop falling at moment, right?

Part of that logic worked out. A lot of the snow did melt, but there were patches where a mixture of grass clippings and slush shot out from the side of the mower as I went along. The picture here shows my mower all ready to plow the snow.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can just use the lawn mower on the driveway next winter when it snows?

Anyway, the part of my logic that didn’t work out was where it was supposed to stop snowing. It never did. The snow intensified. Big wet waves of flakes slapped me in the face and soaked me down as I mowed. The trees overhead roared and bent in a northwest gale.

But, believe it or not, I got the job done.  The lawn is both mowed and shoveled. I was unscathed.

I’ll chalk this one up to a new experience. It’s the first time I’ve ever mowed a lawn in a snowstorm.

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