Facebook Problems

Dear Readers.

I’m hoping word can spread this way, but for those of you who are used to checking me out via a link on the Facebook news feed, Facebook as of this morning apparently has arbitrarily decided to stop letting any of my posts onto the news feed.

To see anything I post on Facebook, you have to click specifically on my profile name. So to see this blog, just go to this blog’s URL or click on my Facebook profile name.

There is no way of obtaining from Facebook why they cut me off like this, whether it’s a technical glitch or some other reason, or whether they will ever let my posts return to the news feed. At this point it would be too hard to just start a new Facebook profile, but that’s being considered.

This is a bummer for me, as I am trying to have some sort of presence out there. Maybe Facebook will miraculously allow me to put my posts on its news feed again at some point. I will keep you posted.

Thanks, Matt

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