Media: Everybody’s Gaga

Everybody is Lady Gaga.

That’s what it would seem, as so many people are doing re-makes of Lady Gaga videos.

Since as far back as anybody can remember, popular music has inspired various dance crazes and other crazes. A recent New York Times article detailed how people are learning dance moves from Lady Gaga and other videos.

To me that’s great. I think the world should have much more dancing, more fun, and less strife. If it takes Lady Gaga videos to accomplish all that, you won’t hear me complain.

Lately, a whole bunch of take-offs on “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce are up on YouTube. Here’s their original, big, long production:

My favorite, and maybe the most popular, version of  “Telephone” came from soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s hilarious and I their lack of self consciousness is refreshing:

National Public Radio got into the act, too. I never thought I’d see Nina Totenberg doing Lady Gaga, but there you go:

Hmm, maybe I should make my own version of “Telephone”

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