Animals: Penguin outsmarts Whale

Kudos to Melinda Moulton for pointing out this video, the latest in a series of animal videos I occasionally post.

Some whales near Antartica were chasing a penguin, probably to eat it. Lo and behold, the penguin sees a small boat with a couple of people on it.

Watch what happens,  but you might want to turn down the sound. Some moron added some extremely annoying “music” to the video.

Penguins are about my favorite animal, anyway. I’d love one as a pet, but that’s probably impractical in Vermont, isn’t it?

One Response to “Animals: Penguin outsmarts Whale”

  1. Jeff Says:

    A great moment. Animals are not dumb and apparently penguins are not only pretty cute but also pretty good with deductive reasoning.

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