My Surprise Tulips

Left home Sunday morning, came back this evening to discover tulips blooming in my yard.

In the two previous springs I lived here, the tulip leaves came up, but no blossoms ever appeared. This year, I have several tulips, which is another glorious spring surprise.

I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it’s the fact that when I moved here in early 2008, the tulip plants were buried in a tangle of grapevine, goldenrod and other weeds, which I cleared. A couple of years later, maybe they decided they’re happier without the weeds choking them.

Or, maybe it’s because I’ve fenced the tulips off each of the past two winters. The first winter I lived here, 2008, the deer came down and ate all the evergreens surrounding the area where the tulips are. Since then, I’ve fenced off the evergreens every winter, and by default, the tulips. So maybe that helped by fending off the deer.

My negative experience with shrub-eating deer in my yard has led me to conclude that the only difference between deer and rats are deer are bigger and (presumably) taste better.

Meanwhile, many of the daffodils that were hopelessly smushed by that snowstorm last week sort of perked up, so I took a picture of one of them, just to give those resilient daffodils credit where credit is due.

The daffodils must have enjoyed the 85 degree humidity Sunday, the rain shower today, and the brilliant sun this evening. I know I sure did.

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