Bearing Down on bin Laden

I’m so happy patriotic Americans want to help the military keep us safe.

The latest evidence of this comes from Stars and Stripes, which tells us of the wonderful suggestion somebody came up with to parachute bears down into Afghanistan or whereever to sniff out Osama bin Laden.

See, bears have a great sense of smell, according to the tipster to the Defense Department Web site. The bears will start roaming the countryside right after they land, so they’ll sniff out bin Laden in no time.

The guy who sent in the suggestion didn’t even get into the best part. Presumably, the bears will be hungry by the time they land. Maybe Osama bin Laden would make a tasty bear snack, meaning we will be able to dispense with an expensive and messy trial were we to catch bin Laden alive.

I wonder who at the Department of Defense gets to read all the emails from our patriotic neighbors with suggestions on how to protect our country.

If that job is open, I want it.

Somebody also recently sent the DOD a note uncovering an absolutely amazing coincidence. The Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks are known as 9/11

The attack was a terrible emergency. And what do we do when there is an emergency? We call 911!

Amazing! 9/11 and 911! And this guy noticed the coincidence! He must be really smart!

Or something.

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