Media Madness: Lucky Break For All

The Missouri film crew had a fun, but routine assignment:  A $258 million winning Powerball ticket had been sold at a local convenience store.

Nobody knew who won the money, and everybody, not least the people who work at the store wanted to know. The crew showed up, cameras in tow, at the store to talk about the mystery.

While there, a random guy (pictured) showed up, and  the group got its scoop:

By far the most shocking thing about the video is how calm our fearless winner, Chris Shaw,  is. Dude, you won more than $200 million. This was no $10 scratch ticket. I would have behaved differently if I was in his shoes. I probably would have passed out. On camera. Great way to make an impression, huh?

How would you have reacted?

The guy works at the store where he bought the ticket. No word yet on whether he quit his job and went to Tahiti.

The film team won the lottery, too.  As a journalist, I can’t remember the last time I went out on a story and came back with something much better than anybody dreamed of.

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