Spring Snow Landscape in Vermont

I stayed overnight in Burlington last night, rather than at my house in St. Albans.

There’s no snow left from that huge storm in Burlington, as there is in St. Albans. The electric power situation was still iffy at my house, too. Since I was in Burlington to see a play anyway last evening, it worked out well not to drive to St. Albans.

Why continue to experience winter when we’re on the cusp of May?

With my 16 inches of snow melting, it will be interesting to get a clearer view of the tree damage around my house when I get home this evening.

As I noted yesterday, it was disheartening to see some of the plants and trees around my house that I worked hard on get ruined. However, the weather geek in me is fascinated by destructive storms, even if I have to experience them.

Really, no harm done. The tree damage around my house is actually pretty light and everything will grow back nicely. I don’t want to find out how people deal with other disasters like tornadoes, where houses are destroyed. My house is fine.

It was interesting driving around St. Albans during the storm yesterday morning to see how the storm temporarily distorted my familiar world. The photos in this post are ones I took in various sections of St. Albans City during the snowstorm.

All the trees slumped heavily under the snow, as if succumbing to defeat.

In the woods and on tree-lined streets, it sometimes sounded like a war. There was the gun-like crack of a tree branches snapping, and then the thunk! of the limbs crashing heavily to the ground, followed by the shards of ice and twigs skittering down, sounding like shattering glass.

On Interstate 89, trees sagged and leaned heavily above the travel lanes, like so many Swords of Damocles. Some of the trees broke and landed on the slushy interstate, forcing motorists to make some deft swerves to avoid collisions with fallen trees.

It’s supposed to be 52 degrees today,  and in the upper 60s tomorrow. The snow will quickly disappear, I’ll clean up the broken tree limbs from my yard over the next couple of days. Then I will get back happily to my normal spring concerns, like mowing the lawn, maintaining the landscaping, planting the garden and enjoying the nice, live green world around me.

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