#%^&#@# Snow!

I knew this would happen.

Every time we get a nice warm, early spring, it’s interrupted by snow. They’re actually calling for a doozy of a snowstorm in Vermont later today and tonight.

There’s a winter weather advisory for a few inches of snow in the Champlain Valley and a winter storm warning for most of the rest of northern Vermont, with 6-12 inches of snow. A pretty typical January snowstorm, all in all. Except in heart of spring.

At least the black flies will go away for a couple of days.

To distract you from the tragic weather forecast, I’ve posted a few spring pictures. The purple flowers and such were on the Burlington waterfront yesterday while the temperature was a reasonable 67 degrees. Not 37 like it is now.

The daffodils are in my yard.

People are asking if the snow will kill all the early leaves, flowers, fruits and all that. The answer is no, because the temperature will stay right around 32 in most places. That’s not quite cold enough to nip anything.

The problem is the leaves are already on some of the trees. The heavy wet snow will collect on those leaves and really weigh the branches down. Many, many trees and branches are going to come down. I can’t wait to see which ones I lose in my yard.

My lilac bushes are particularly threatened because they’re heavy with flower buds. All this just after I finish getting everything cleaned up and ready for summer.

I suppose we did need the moisture. It was getting dry out there. But uh, rain would have been fine, no?

This snow is all my fault. My snow shovel is a good luck charm if I leave it by the driveway. Last Friday, I figured it can’t possibly snow much any more so I put it away. And now look what’s happening.

Next year the snow shovel is staying by the driveway all year. If I put it away in June it will snow on the Fourth of July, and that will be awkward. And a blizzard would probably get in the way of the fireworks.

This wintry interruption won’t last long, thank goodness. It’ll just be a bad dream. The forecast says it will be in the 50s by Thursday and well into the 70s over the weekend.

By then, instead of heavy wet, white snow, it will be heavy swarms of black flies. But at least you don’t have to shovel the bugs.

One Response to “#%^&#@# Snow!”

  1. denis Says:

    i think there should be a name that refers specially to snow that falls after the daffodils and other flowers have bloomed. you should come up with one.

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