Job Done, Except at Home

This time of year, I work a lot of hours getting people’s gardens and lawns and landscaping in shape, do spring cleaning, whatever needs to get done.

Which doesn’t leave me time to deal with my own mess. I mean, look at my kitchen counter in this post’s photo, taken this evening. Think I’m going to clean it now? Go to hell.

Today, a couple in Enosburg had me do the spring cleaning inside their house, top to bottom.

The home wasn’t that dirty, but a little winter grime had accumulated in the corners, under the couches, near the closets. The windows needed cleaning and stuff needed to be put away.

The job took six hours and wasn’t particularly difficult. The couple who own the house said they were very happy with my work. And I have to day, their house did look a lot better than when I started. Everything was in its place. You could see clearly out the windows and I’d savagely murdered every last dust bunny in the place.

I’m just glad the Enosburg pair didn’t see my place. They would have never hired me. It’s cluttered and dirty, only because I’m so busy doing work elsewhere.

I suppose I could stay up all night tonight and spend a few hours making my house sparkle. Then I will go outside with my trusty headlamp in the frosty pre-dawn chill and mow the lawn, pulls the weeds, fix the garden, build the stone wall, turn the compost piles and pull all the dandelions before they gang up on me and eat me for lunch.

And then, after working from 7 a.m. this morning  right through to the break of dawn Saturday morning, I will cheerily head off to Charlotte at 7 a.m. to do somebody else’s landscaping.

Yeah, and a billion dollars will fall on my lap tomorrow night. My bed and pillow right now are calling to me loudly, to come in and snooze for a bit. Sounds like a plan to me.

I’m told it’s a classic problem. Whatever job a guy does for other people doesn’t get done at his own house.

But I’m definitely not complaining. Heck, I have fun straightening out yards and homes, no matter where they are. I’m a physical guy, so I’m in my glory during a Vermont spring, when a zillion things have to get done.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a beautiful day. After I get done in Charlotte, I will move on to another home in South Burlington. It will be good physical labor, lasting eight or nine hours total.

And then, the work around my house will still await. And if you think I will return home to do that, you probably also believe the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny live under your garage.

Instead of going home to confront my hayfield of a lawn as the sun sets tomorrow,  I think I’ll take advantage of a kind offer from a great friend. He’s offering me a nice evening meal of steak, chicken or burgers.  And maybe a beer or two. With friends like that, I’ll gladly take a bit of a break.

My place can remain a disaster for one more day, anyway.

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