Going Giggly Goth

Today was a beautiful Saturday to be out working my landscaping jobs. It was very sunny in Vermont, temperatures were perfect; in the 60s.

The black flies made a temporary appearance, but then a breeze came up, and whisked them away. Hopefully to hell.

I always enjoyed working in the sun, but now the doctors tell me I must try to avoid it. I work in the shade as much as possible. And I practically take a bath in  SPF 50 sunscreen before setting off.

I think I’ve said in this blog before that I miss soaking in the rays, but I just try to find the bright side to this situation.

In this case, the brightness in question is my skin. No tan, just white like the driven snow. So now I can be cool, like all those Goth kids.  The Goth kids  favor the look of white skin and black clothes. And I like wearing black.

But I’m not sure I can stomach the Goth prerequiste of black eye shadow, black lipstick, multiple piercings and vacant look in the eyes. Plus, all those goth types look so depressed. They never smile. It’s not cool to smile, I guess. Me, I always giggle like a toddler on the jungle gyms. I can’t help it.

Maybe I could start a new hot trend: The Happy Goth. Kind of like Casper the ‘Friendly Ghost.  Instead it would be Matt the goofy goth.


4 Responses to “Going Giggly Goth”

  1. Lady Euphoria Deathwatch Says:

    Hi Goofy Goth,

    There are plenty happy Goth’s. I am only one of them. The character ‘Abby’ On NCIS is a happy Goth too.

    We may not smile on pictures, but we get a lot of fun out of life (and death.)

    To clarify, we don’t find death funny. We just don’t sweat something that is going to happen to all of us. You may get away with a lot of things, but death is not one of them.

    So we celebrate it and the lives that led up to it.

    Sorry to here you must avoid the sun. It is hard. I know from experience. I must avoid the sun also.

    And just so you know. Only the media thinks we all wear black lips and eyes. Thou we do like contrast, it isn’t all black and depression.

    Lady Euphoria

  2. denis Says:

    does this mean you will have to give up wearing carhartts?

  3. Jeff Says:

    hey, Denis….Carharts come in black….I’m sure Matt has a few pairs of black but I’m not sure the black eye liner and nail polish will really work. And then there are the facial piercings…….no Matt, don’t do it. Run to the good side. Fast.

  4. mattalltrades Says:

    One of the things I like about doing this is you learn a lot. Thank you Lady Euphoria Deathwatch. Now I’ve learned something about Goths and you have helped me dispel some stereotypes that were in my head. And probably in a lot of other peoples’ minds too.
    I definitely appreciate the assist.

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