Muscling Through Spring

Just because I’m a lazy bum today, and I also couldn’t get near my laptop much, I’ll just post a couple more spring pictures that I took Sunday.

I can’t muster much else at this point. I had a long, but happy day of physical labor outdoors.

I just can’t get enough of this season. Vermont’s Green Mountains are getting greener and greener every day.

As everything kept greening up around me, I was  working my landscaping job all day. The raking, lifting, moving, weeding and cleaning makes me physically exhaused by day’s end, but it’s a great tired. My muscles are worked over well, I’ve accomplished something.

Physical labor makes me more in tune with my body. M y muscles and my mind act as a team. It makes me feel more complete than in my other life as a desk jockey. It makes me end the day tired, but satisfied.

There’s only one drawback to being outside in the thick of the spring season.  I noticed today the black flies have made a major appearance. They kept traveling up my ears and are probably feasting on my brain as we speak.

One Response to “Muscling Through Spring”

  1. sweatingoutdoors Says:

    Ah the desk jockey, my life now. It kind of is sad about the amount of time I am sedentary, but I do try to make up for it.

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