Spring Foliage Season

Last evening, moments after I finished ruminating about the rainy, cold weather, the sun unexpectedly burst through the clouds.

Aha! That was my cue to     race out into the yard and start getting caught up with the garden and everything else that needs attention.

Fat chance. The sun shining on the wet, fragile green new leaves was absolutely mesmerizing. I ended up chasing around the yard with a camera, not a rake or a shovel, as planned.   .

Vermont is famous for its fall foliage, which draws millions of tourists. But to me, this is the real foliage season, the one that puts me in absolute awe. I’ll never understand why spring is the traditionally the slow season for Vermont tourism.

True, the landscape is mostly green in the spring, as opposed to the riot of colors in October. But the greens are so varied this time of year, as you can see by the pics I took in the yard last evening.

The change this time of year is fun to watch, too. The fall foliage season is a time of tearing down, of a forest canopy falling down, bit by bit. Spring is a building time of year, when things grow and bloom and get showy.  Growing things are so much more optimistic and fun than dying things, aren’t they?

I’m warning you right now, you’re going to have to endure plenty more spring photographs if you continue reading this blog. I simply cannot get enough of the season.

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