Thanks for Sharing

New York Yankee Chin Ho Park explained on camera why he wasn’t playing well, or not at all, over a couple of days earlier this month.

Right off the bat (ha!) I’ll tell you not to watch the following video while eating or if you are not feeling well.

He explains, and explains he was sick.

I guess the interview was refreshing, in a way. At least he talked to the reporter.   Journalists like me know the problem is usually the opposite, that people are too unwilling to share their thoughts.

Right, Mr. Winooski School Board member who didn’t return my calls yesterday? Right, Mr. lawyer for the Roman Catholic Diocese, who also blew me off?

I’m not bitter. I’m sure they were busy with the people’s business.  Or they were sick, like our friend in the video.

If that’s the case, it’s OK. They don’t have to return my calls

One Response to “Thanks for Sharing”

  1. kim Says:

    He needs Jackie Chan as an interpreter.

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