Dissing Ellen

Did you know Ellen DeGeneres hates America?

I didn’t. She didn’t either. She seems such a sunny, optimistic, creative, can-do sort. Kind of an all-American gal  in my opinion. But not in everybody’s opinion, apparently.

 It’s amazing how somebody can speak volumes about themselves when they blurt out something at the spur of the moment. A window into their soul, I guess.

I’ll show you what I mean. Here, we have contestants on Family Feud, and the catagory is Ellen DeGeneres. The family’s job: Naming things that everybody knows about Ellen. At first, things go well. Then the family patriarch gives his answer.

At least Ellen, that sunny, optimistic, can-do woman, took the ugliness with her usual dose of humor.  That’s a great antidote.

But wouldn’t it be fascinating if she had that contestant from Family Feud  as a guest on her show?

2 Responses to “Dissing Ellen”

  1. kim Says:

    I’m not a big Ellen fan but that was pretty low down of that guy to say that.

  2. Denis Says:

    i agree.

    she handled it with class.

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