Vermont Spring (ctd.)

Yes, I had to battle a few snowflakes Saturday morning and frost on the ground this morning,  but spring struggles on in Vermont.

Yesterday, at a client’s house, I enjoyed this Magnolia tree as I prepared their garden beds for the summer:

3 Responses to “Vermont Spring (ctd.)”

  1. Denis Says:

    that tree is gorgeous. i saw my sister’s magnolia tree in colchester on saturday and it was beautiful too but not quite as in bloom as this one.

  2. kim Says:

    I didn’t think magnolia trees grew in Vermont.

    • mattalltrades Says:

      Magnolias grow in the warmest parts of Vermont, in protected areas. The magnolia in the pic is the most spectacular and largest I’ve seen in Vermont. It’s on the southern side of a house, on a south facing slope in a warm microc-climate.
      I never see magnolias growing in exposed areas. But if it keeps warming up every year, they might eventually be everywhere, who knows?

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