Routine Fire, Except for Gorilla

As a news reporter, I always expect the unexpected, even at the most bland events. Something strange always seems to happen.

A classic example appeared in the New Hampshire’s Manchester Union Leader yesterday. At first glance it appeared to be a routine, sad story about a house that was destroyed by fire. Until you check out one of the photos.

Yep, the photo on the right shows one guy, looking over the remnants of his home, and the person next to him, dressed up like a gorilla.

The gorilla, Kali Burns, said he went to the scene of the fire as a gorilla because he wanted to “cheer everybody up.”

So the next time your house burns down, call in a gorilla. That will make everything just fine.

Should other mishaps become occasions to dress up like animals, as if it were Halloween?   Maybe people should dress up as deer at car accidents, since deer cause so many crashes. Train wrecks probably deserve a bigger animal. Maybe whales should go to those.

Don’t even get me started on what people should dress up as at political events. Though of course you’re free to offer suggestions……

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