Greening Up, Gearing Up

Two signs that summer will be here sooner than I think arrived yesterday.

The first one is my lawn mower came back from the shop. It needed a tune up, plus the wheels were falling off. That would have been inconvenient as I imagine it’s hard to push a lawnmower that has no wheels. It would be good exercise, though.

The repair cost $181. That’s expensive,  because they don’t make the wheels that the mower originally came with, so the repair guy had to improvise.  But it works.

I’m glad I got the mower fixed early, since things are greening up weeks earlier than they normally do. My lawn already almost needs mowing, so soon enough I will be enjoying the view you see in the second picture. At least the mower was off when I took the picture, so I wasn’t breathing that fresh, springtime cloud of engine exhaust.

I’m still frantically finding ways to make my lawn smaller by filling it with other things.  Just so I don’t have to mow so much. For instance, yesterday I made the size of the vegetable garden a bit bigger, just to shave a couple of minutes of each anticipated mow this summer.

I also busied myself hacking roots out of the lawn that poke up and try to grab and destroy the lawnmower blades. I wonder what I thought the neighbors thought I was killing as I raced around, hacking the roots with a hatchet and taking a crowbar to pry the roots up. Violence does work wonderfully on errant roots, though.

The second sign of summer were the vegetable seeds that showed up in the mail.  You see some of them in the third picture. The garden isn’t ready for them yet, of course. The weather has been warm enough to plant some things, but that was just a false spring.

It’s amazing how many people fall into the trap of planting too soon when an early bout of nice weather arrives, and then they complain when everything dies in the frost. People forget they live in Vermont, where I swear the weather is out ot get you sometimes.

It’s just as well I can’t plant yet. I’ve got too much to do. I have to mix the new dirt from the compost pile into the garden soil, put up the fencing around the garden to keep out the damn varmints, and get rid of the few weeds that are already (!) popping up.

Heck, I’d get out there and do the work this morning, but it’s raining. I’m such a wimp.

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