Electric Night

I awoke last night to the sound of thunder. How far off I sat and wondered


Not far off at all. Like, right over the house, I thought,  as another brilliant flash of lightning and huge boom of thunder erased my little 12:30 a.m. Bob Seger moment. 

That’s OK. Thunderstorms are my favorite kind of weather, and last night proved we are heading toward Vermont’s brief season of thunder and lightning.

Most people like sunshine and warmth, and so do I, but you really need some excitement in the weather.  A thunderstorm brings dark, billowing clouds, flashes of lightning, loud thunder, gushing rain, howling winds, maybe some hail, what can be better than that?

I’ll confess one reason I bought my house is the view from the back deck. Thunderstorms love to develop just west of the Lake Champlain’s northern end, then march eastward into St. Albans. I get a grand view of the pageant from the deck. Of course, this will get me in trouble, because sometimes I wait too long to go inside when the lightning gets close.


Last night, I got up to watch the storm for a little while. As storms go, it wasn’t huge. But it was surely nice to see the sky light up the wind-driven rain cascading through the trees.

Of course, my house has already endured too much of a good thing. Just months after buying the house, I arrived home after driving through intense lightning and downpours to find a tornado-like storm ripped half the roof off the deck, sent my outdoor furniture scattering  in all directions on my property, left a few roofing shingles on my driveway and stuck up in my willow tree, and a window blown out.

I guess I was lucky. Once past my house, this little tornado became more intense, and leveled a farm and several acres of trees a few miles to me east.

My biggest disappointment?  I wasn’t home to witness the destruction.

One Response to “Electric Night”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I love extreme weather events…..but I slept thru this one…….what’s with that

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