Greening Heat

I can’t believe how much different everything looks outside after those two days of record heat.

It was in the 80s all over  Vermont yesterday, and some of the spots that are usually the coolest were the hottest – 86 in Highgate, 85 in North Underhill. I think there have been some summers in the past in those towns where it barely got that warm.

I’d been away from home since Saturday morning and just got home Sunday evening. It was as if somebody waved a magic wand. My lawn is suddenly green. Small leaves appeared out of nowhere on my weeping willow and lilacs. I can actually see the first purple hints of flower buds on the lilacs.

Day lily, iris and daffodil plants that were barely out of the ground Saturday morning are now growing like gangbusters.

This is by far the earliest spring I can ever remember in Vermont.

Like everyone else, I love the warmth. However, the onset of summer warmth is bittersweet for me this year. I’ve always been a sun lover, but late last summer I developed a bit of a medical problem, which has since been cured.

There’s one lingering effect, though. The doctors say for the rest of my life I must severely limit my sun exposure. So I kept trying to work in the shade yesterday and today  as I did spring yard cleanups for clients. I felt left out, especially when I saw a copy of the Burlington Free Press on the newstand with a photo showing a jam-packed, sunny North Beach on Friday.

Eh, it’s OK. The warmth, even the shady warmth, still feels good. And it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I can still do everything else I want.   I’ve learned to truly savor that freedom, since so many people in this world can’t.

It’s supposed to stay balmy the rest of the week, so everything will keep on blooming and growing and greening. Which will be fun to watch. Then, next weekend, we are expected to have nighttime snows with low temperatures in the upper 20s. Which is actually normal for Vermont in April. Ouch.

Seems all this greenery is going to get punished for getting too enthusiastic too soon. By extension, so will we.

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