Going to the Dogs, Part III

It’s Dog Week here on the Matt of All Trades blog, as I present you with the third post this week involving at least one dog.

Here you will meet Gin, the new Susan Boyle. You’ll recall a year or two ago, a frumpy looking woman – Boyle – appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and blew the world away with her marvelous voice. She’s kind of a hero of mine, proving a lot of people have something special that you can find if you just take the time to look.

Now, on Britian’s Got Talent, we have Gin. Like Boyle, when you first meet Gin, you don’t expect a whole lot. But look what happens when she gets up on stage with her companion, Kate Nicolas.

(Kudos to Denis D. for calling Gin’s video to my attention.)

One Response to “Going to the Dogs, Part III”

  1. Jeff Says:

    This is great. Watched in and was amazed. I think the connection between animals and man is something that is deeper than we can really understand. I know that my connection with my buddies (dogs) is deeper than even family connections. Even my parents know that when Alex passed it was a loss uncomparible to family. Dogs Rule and I loved the video. It just made me feel good

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