Surveillance on Storms.

Security cameras can make us feel creepy. We feel like we’re always being watched.

But to weather geeks like me, they have one benefit: They capture images of violent storms for all to see. I call it weather porn.

First one: The surveillance camera at the ATM at First State Bank in Parkersburg, Iowa on May 25, 2008.  A tornado hits  the neighborhood:

A guy was in that house, but he fled to the basement as the tornado approached, so he survived.

Next: Same tornado. The view now is in the bank’s lobby:

Nobody was in the bank when the tornado hit, so nobody was hurt there, but the tornado killed a few people elsewhere in town, unfortunately.

The nice thing about these surveillance camera storm shots is they show things that would kill a human if they were there.  At least I hope no human would be stupid enough to stand there and film as this stuff was going on.  These videos should be required viewing for all those Midwest tornado chasers out there who dare to get too close to the storms. Don’t mess with a twister.

A couple more videos:  This is a parking lot in Alabama as a tornado passes: 

Finally, this past Sunday, a severe thunderstorm swept a television station parking lot. in North Carolina. Click on the highlighted words in this paragraph to watch.  Just amazing.

 I’m sure plenty more security camera storms will surface as the Midwest heads into tornado season. I will be checking YouTube for more.

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