Easy Riding Dog

Meet Sophie,  here in the picture.

I encountered her in the parking lot of the On the Run store in St. Albans Saturday  as she was taking a break from a road trip.

Sophie’s owner says she always keeps her head far out the window in the car, even when they’re bombing down the Interstate. So she has protective goggles to keep her safe and happy.

Terrific idea.

When Sophie gets tired of enjoying the wind in her hair, she scoots back inside,  lifts the glasses from her eyes and enjoys the ride.

4 Responses to “Easy Riding Dog”

  1. Mira Gojmerac Says:

    This is so adorable. Being a dog lover and especially a Labrador lover, I am so taken by this observation of yours. How intelligent for the Sophie to push the goggles away from her eyes when she withdraws back into the car to rest.

  2. Looking on Equestrian Dressage | ebooksgain.com Says:

    […] Easy Riding Dog « Matt-of-all-trades Blog […]

  3. kim Says:

    They do look kind of funny.

  4. Jeff Says:

    hey, dogs are people too…….

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