Sister Clare and the Tea Party

I really wish Sister Clare was in Washington DC the past few weeks.

Sister Clare was my first grade teacher at St. Stanislaus Kostka School in West Rutland. She was the only nun I liked. The rest of them were bitter, mean old women.

Sister Clare really would have put her foot down on those unruly Tea Party protestors, the Republicans who forgot about decorum, the people who couldn’t play together nice. 

The Tea Partiers kept  fantasizing themselves as these revolutionary heroes, ready to take back the country, by force, from the maurading communists, socialists, monsters, zombies and God knows what else have, in their view, taken over the country.

Sister Clare would have gotten them to get over themselves. I imagine Sister Clare wouldn’t have minded so much if people argued over the merits of the health care bill. But she would have ended so many adult temper tantrums by making people stand alone in the corner,  to think about what they were doing.

She would have put a stop to those who were  yelling racist and homophobic slurs at members of Congress last week, as if that would help their cause. She would have pointed out, as Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.  told Rachel Maddow, that other kids were watching, and all this was a bad example.

The first grade class Sister Clare taught I’m sure wasn’t nearly as challenging as the protests and unpleasantness in Washington. After all, my classmates, like Stanley Jagodjinski, Jane Krempa and Jeff Lacz, would have never gotten that out of control. Not with Sister Clare watching us.

I can’t help but wonder if instead of calling for armed insurrection, the Tea Partiers would have just calmly argued against the Democrats using normal words, if Sister Clare was threatening to rap their knuckles.

There would have been no shouts of “Baby Killer!” and “Obama is a Muslim terrorist!” if Sister Clare had been there with her stern gaze.

Maybe I’m imagining Sister Clare had more power than she really did. But maybe not.

I wish it was possible that President Obama could create a new cabinet position, the Secretary of Playing Nice, Fair and Honest. Then he would appoint  Sister Clare to the job.

That’s one swearing in ceremony I would move mountains to attend.

2 Responses to “Sister Clare and the Tea Party”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Your Sister Claire sounds like a nice woman. I too wish people would understand that the Constitution is based on differences of opinion and not who yells the loudest or the rudest. I just don’t think that people think. Sad…..we need a Sister Claire to get us back on track.

  2. kim Says:

    Maureen Dowd’s column last sunday had a piece about nuns and today’s politics.

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