Nervous Warmth

I almost fully enjoyed yesterday. In Burlington, not far from my house, it was 66 degrees, beating an old record high of 60 set way back in 1894. Yesterday was also the 35th day in a row that was warmer than normal.

I saw some daffodils blooming in a couple warm, protected spots. I’ve never seen daffodils in Vermont so early in the season. Grass is starting to green up, and other garden plants are starting to make an appearance.

I’ve gotten much more outdoor spring cleanup finished earlier than I ever would have anticipated, so I also have a sense of accomplishment. Plus not having to wear a bulky overcoat is sublime freedom after a long winter.

The advent of spring is always a greatly anticipated event for me. But notice I said “almost fully enjoyed.”

When spring is this weird and early, I start to think about those scientists raising the spector of global warming.

One record warm day and a long stretch of oddly mild weather in one little spot on the globe like we have had here in Vermont says nothing about global warming. It could have been just a fluke. Or any number of natural, normal things could have triggered the strange weather.

But when you get into the word “never”, like I’ve never seen such a long stretch of warm weather, or I’ve never seen daffodils bloom so early, you still have to wonder.

Plus all these other odd weather events are coming fast and furious world wide. The big 10 inches of rain and flooding in southern New England last weekend. The winter snows in the mid-Atlantic states. The warmest winter on record that threatened the Olympics in Vancouver.

As a weather geek, I get into extremes in weather. It’s kind of interesting for me. But will things get weirder? Will it get too weird to continue enjoying?

The never-so-early-daffodils I saw yesterday were welcome and beautiful. But I wonder if the next never-seen-before weather event will not be so pretty. Instead, will it somehow bite me or those around me in the ass?

One Response to “Nervous Warmth”

  1. Denis Says:

    35th day in a row! that’s quite a record. i hope this summer will be “nicer” than the previous 2 summers when it was usually wet and cool.

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