Apparently, the latest fad, according to the New York Times Style section, is for couples to  bicker publicly on Facebook.

The article suggested this isn’t a good idea. (Duh!)  Fighting makes your other friends go away in disgust, weakens relationships and is as embarrassing as a china-smashing brawl in a nice restaurant, says the article.

People quoted in the article defended their public bickering. They’re being helpful. See, they’re giving their side of the story, demonstrating how their partner is being a jerk, to show what they’re putting up with. They’re such martyrs. Plus, the people quoted in the NYT article said despite their online fighting, their relationships are stable.


Must everything we do be public nowadays? I mean, I’m pretty out there, exposing all my strange thoughts in this blog and posting offbeat observations on Facebook. But still, there are certain things I know people don’t want to read about.

Like what,? you ask. Damned it I tell you!

I wonder how public some of these bickering couples get. Do their friends learn about the couples’ sexual shortcomings? The affair with the bimbo down the street? The time she caught her partner in bed with that, well, never mind.  Maybe I’m an old fart, but I think some things are still TMI, but that could be just me.

Maybe people like things negative and tawdry. How else could you explain the success of Jerry Springer?

I do criticize people on line, just not people I know personally, or would want to know personally.   Right, cell-phone yakking moron who gave me the middle finger for running a green light in St. Albans this morning?

Hell, if this is a big trend, maybe I should go more negative. It could build a huge audience. Trouble is, I’m having a hard time coming up with anything bad to say about my friends.

I guess I’m a failure at negativity. But it’s a failure I can definitely live with.

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