Christian the Lion’s Reunion

I’m a sucker for animal stories. Especially the rare cases of happy human and animal encounters.

This video, involving a lion named Christian and some of  his friends, has been hitting the Web rounds for a couple years now.  If you haven’t seen it, and are going to watch it, have a hankie ready:

This video reminded me of another story from 2005, when divers had to cut free a whale trapped in a tangle of crab lines and equipment near San Francisco. The whale was close to dying, but the divers were able to rescue her by painstakingly cutting the ropes trapping the whale.

When the whale was freed, she swam joyously, and nuzzled each diver as if to say thanks. One diver said that he would never be the same after that experience.

There’s a danger of anthropomorphizing, as one of the divers said, referring to a tendency among humans to assign emotions to animals that aren’t there. But I do believe animals, almost all of them, are far more emotionally and intellectually complex than we realize.

We don’t speak their language, so we can never know for sure. But I wish I could have interviewed Christian after his reunion.

Hell, I’d love to chat with almost all the animals I encounter out in the woods. It woud probably be more entertaining than talking with some people I know.

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