Why I Hate Shopping

Can somebody help me out here?

What is the fun in shopping? I just don’t get it. When I need Product X, I just figure out who has the best price, go on line or to the store, grab Product X, pay for it and I’m done with it.

I mean, do the people in the following video taken at a clothing store look like they’re having fun?

OK, I guess some people think rioting is a delightful way to obtain new clothes. The video apparently shows the grand opening of an H&M store in Toulouse, France.

What’s so special about H&M clothes? I mean, do you get special superhero powers if you wear them? Does everybody love you if you wear them?

I tend to wear Carhartts and t-shirts all the time. Does that mean I’ll never be happy, because I don’t wear H&M clothes? Do they even make decent H&M clothes for men? If not, does that mean all men are relegated to a life of misery?

At least I don’t have to participate in a riot to get my Carthartts.

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