Sweet maple

The photo in this post shows a source of great temptation for me.

It’s on the land adjacent to my property. It’s a holding tank for maple sap. Tubes from the taps on the trees lead down to the tank. When it fills up, some guys come and take the sap, and bring it to a sugarhouse to  boil it down into maple syrup.

I so want to take the sap out of the tank for myself and boil it down for my very own maple syrup, as I like the sweet product so much. That would be theft, of course. Even maple syrup isn’t worth going to prison for, I guess. So I’ll just keep my temptations under control.

It’s been a great season in Vermont so far for maple production. We had a long stretch last week of perfect sugaring weather. Dry weather, with warm days and subfreezing nights.

The weather deteriorated for maple sugaring this weekend as it was a little too warm at night, but now forecasters say this week will again be perfect for the enterprise.

For once, Vermont farmers are catching a break.

You’re not a real Vermonter if you don’t like maple syrup. Last year, the new IHOP in South Burlington was forced to violate company policy and serve real maple syrup. Vermont customers demanded it. All the other IHOPs of the world serve various weird “syrups.”

My God, have you ever tried “syrup” like Vermont Maid. It takes like candied plastic.

I’m the type that’s game for syrup in almost anything. I put some in my oatmeal this morning for breakfast. I’ve seen maple wine, maple beer, maple casseroles, maple breakfast bars. Maple, maple, maple.

Time for a snack now. Do they make maple protein energy bars?

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