My Garbage Dump

With the snow melting away, all the trash along the road in front of my house has re-emerged, and what a crop it’s been.

I should have taken a picture, since I’m sure everyone just loves charming views of garbage. So instead, I found a random picture of trash, just to start your Sunday morning off on the right foot.

Judging from the garbage in front of my house, the people going past seem to love Budweiser, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, McDonald’s “food” and Marlboro cigarettes. Not a healthy bunch, is my guess.

Maybe I should feel sorry for them. They’re so unhealthy they don’t have the strength to put their trash away, so with the last bit of energy they have, they send if flying out their windows. Another gift, for me!!!

Every once in awhile, I get a vaguely interesting find as I sort through the debris out front. I’ve found  a can of black paint, a deflated beach ball, part of a motorcycle, a headless plastic Barbie doll, and half of a photograph of a house on fire.

I never find anything particularly useful in the trash in front of my house, so I regret to say I don’t retrieve the refuse for fun and profit.

I’m also too boring with this trash. I just throw it out. I should collect it, and make a sculpture out of it, then put this marvelous work of art out by the road again. Then people could add to it as they drive by and throw their trash. Call it Matt’s Museum of Modern Art, or MMMA

I could make a human-like figure out of all the beer cans I find, and stick all the cigarette butts in the figure’s mouth. It would be MMMA’s comment on modern society.

I could get underwriting from Anheuser-Busch and Altria, the cigarette conglomerate, and I could get rich on this trash after all.

Just a thought.

One Response to “My Garbage Dump”

  1. Denis Says:

    sorry about all the trash but i can’t help but wonder what kind of neighborhood you live in. i also can’t help but wonder what amazing creative ideas you have!!!

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