Mississippi School Bullies

You have to hand it to that school board in Mississippi, the way they handled that lesbian teen who wanted to wear her tux and bring another young woman to the prom with her.

The Itawamba County School District Board is a bunch of ingenious bullies, no better than the worst brutes you can remember from 7th Grade. This is the first time I’ve seen a school board pile on to some unfortunate kid.   

The board didn’t want to have (horrors!) a lesbian couple at the prom. So they cancelled the entire prom. That rids them of any chance to actually see real live gay people. (avert your eyes!)

Plus it’s a classic bullying tactic in schools. Make the kid seem to be at fault for “ruining” things. Other kids will pile on and the bullies have a field day.

Plus, the board did the tried-and-true  bullying tactic by framing it in a way so they can say, “But I didn’t do anything wrong. All I said was…..” The board didn’t mention the girl involved, Constance McMillen, and didn’t mention the controversy. The panel just said recent events would hinder the education process.

See? They’re trying to help. They’re trying to educate the kids. Yeah, they’re educating them alright.

So far, it looks like McMillen is holding up, despite glares and harsh comments from her classmates. “I was raised to be proud of who you are,” she said.

Bullies tend not to be proud of who they are. So they lash out to deflect their own self loathing. I wonder what these school board members hate about themselves.

Jeez, since the Itawamba County School Board is now so much  into bullying, I should give them some tips from what I remember in 7th grade. Just to refresh their memories and make them effective bullies, since that’s what they want.

Any kid you don’t like? Stuff them in a locker. Call them names. You’re on the right track. You might as well chant “faggot” and “dyke”

This board can be dealt with in much the same way middle school bullies can be stopped:

 To do so, it’s important to know what makes bullies like this board tick: 

So, Itawamba County District School Board: Enjoy yourself because your salad days are just about numbered.

2 Responses to “Mississippi School Bullies”

  1. kim Says:

    Funny… I was just listening this week to a journalist, Dave Cullen talking about his book “Columbine”. In light of what happened then, I think the Itawamba County School District Board should treat all students with equal respect and understanding.

  2. Denis Says:

    some people are so backwards in their thinking (in my opinion)

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