I’m a Weather Pundit

Some of you might have woken up to my voice on the radio this morning.

My condolences. 

Steve Cormier, of the Corm and the Coach show on radio station WNMR 107.1,  asked me to appear on the show to talk about why Vermont has had such a warm winter and early spring, and whether this wonderful stretch of  weather will continue.

My answer: No, it won’t.

Corm knows me from way back, maybe 25 years ago, when he and I both went to Lyndon State College and I was a meteorology major there.  Since I write a weather blog for the Burlington Free Press, he figured I was just the ticket to talk about the weather on air.

I’m happy to report the interview went just fine, despite the fact both Corm and I have hacking lung-shattering coughs. But I don’t think it was bad enough this morning for either of us to spread cold germs over the airwaves.  So there’s no need to soak your radio in a vat of bleach.

Public speaking used to scare me, ever since an unfortunate incident in high school. I was student council president of  teeny, tiny West Rutland High School my senior year, and budget cuts were looming. I was asked to go on the air at a Rutland radio station to plead with voters to approve the budget.

The budget was defeated, in no small part because of me.  Let’s just say if a student who goes on the air and says, “I, uh, er, sup-p-port the, uh, uh, bud, spend… um…” voters would definitely conclude we weren’t getting an education, so they’d be throwing their money away on the school.

Luckily, as the years went by, I got a lot better at speaking in public, so by the time Corm called me this morning, I was confident I could actually speak in complete sentences. I set a low bar for myself, with a goal of being more articulate than Sarah Palin. I succeeded, you betcha.

When Corm asked me if the good weather would continue indefinitely, I said no, because no good weather in Vermont goes unpunished.

 I managed to explain, in English, what the Negative Arctic Oscillation is. (It’s high pressure in northern Canada pushing storms in the United States further south than normal)  

 The whole thing couldn’t have lasted much more than five minutes, so what harm could I have done? And it was fun. I had a blast.

So I can put this experience on my resume: Matt Sutkoski: Weather Pundit

One Response to “I’m a Weather Pundit”

  1. kim Says:

    Oh…. congratulations on your radio spot!

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