Weather Porn

Tornadoes are my favorite kind of weather.

Of course, they’re not my favorite if I get run over by one, or if they kill people. But they’re just the most fascinating phenomenon out there. They are all so different, and they do the most amazing things. Scary things, but amazing. They are mesmerizing.

Tornado season in the Midwest is starting now. Each year, March, April and May usually bring the bulk of the worst twisters to the nation. There was a nasty one in Hammon, Oklahoma yesterday. Some storm chasers caught it on video.I think they got too close. Judge for yourself.

I have mixed emotions about these tornado chasers.  They peddle what is known as “weather porn,” which is defined as dramatic videos or pictures of scary storms that get weather enthusiasts all hot and bothered and excited. I admit I’m a big consumer of weather porn. I eat up those videos, that’s for sure.

Tornado chasers are getting more and more daring, in an endless quest to keep us weather porn addicts excited. The problem is, they’re doing stupid things, like getting waaay to close to tornadoes. Or even getting inside them, if they think the tornadoes are weak enough to survive getting hit.

The problem is, tornadoes are incredibly unpredictable, as the tornado chasers should know. A weak-looking twister can be strong, and they can kill people who get too close.  I also wonder if the chase videos will inspire inexperienced people to chase down tornados. Will the novices get run over and killed by these twisters?

There’s also vacation packages, where people like me can go to places like  Oklahoma and chase twisters. If there’s too many people near the tornado, will there be a traffic jam when people try to get away from the storm?  I wonder when the time will come when s0me tornado tourists get killed. I know these tourism companies stress safety, but I still worry.

Which gets back to me. Will I indirectly kill people by consuming and sharing all this weather porn? I am contributing to the demand. I don’t know, but I’m still going to watch these tornado videos.

One Response to “Weather Porn”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Tornadoes like all of Mother Nature’s special gifts (hurricanes, blizzards) are pretty spectacular events. They are great to be a part of as long (as you say) as no one gets hurt. Love it, love it all. And tornadoes are the best because they are just so weird in every way…….I know you’re a sick puppy and enjoy some pretty odd stuff, but I have to agree with you on this one Matt……tornadoes are cool (dangerous) but very cool. Lived through plenty.

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