Warm Weather Jail Break

Every winter, I look forward to that March day that signals winter just might end after all. Yesterday was that day.

The temperature  got up to 49 here in northwestern Vermont yesterday. The sky was blue, the sun felt warmer than it has in many months. This weather hit on a Saturday. It was as if the jail doors of winter sprung open and let us out. At least on a temporary furlough.

I escaped the shackles of my confining winter coat and took a long walk with my friend Ellen. I wore just regular pants and a flannel shirt. It felt so good not to have layers of winter clothes pressing in on me. The mud on the sides of the bike path had that organic smell that suggested greenery would sprout at almost any time.

A lot of other people were out and about, too. At Burlington’s Waterfront Park, it was so busy you’d think there was some sort of festival going on.  In a sense, there was. Nothing had been scheduled, but the weather inspired impromptu barbecues, frisbee matches and sunbathing. I even saw a guy out for his afternoon jog, zipping down the bike path with no shirt on.

This sounds odd, but as I walked around Burlington,  I embraced the sound of snow melt trickling into the storm drains. It was the sound of winter bleeding to death.

Winter will surely lash us a few more times before spring really gets here. But yesterday was the day I knew winter is mortally wounded.

2 Responses to “Warm Weather Jail Break”

  1. kim Says:

    You have a brilliant way of describing the tragedy of winter and the rise of Spring 🙂

  2. Denis Says:

    he sure does. very talented indeed.

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